Problem with Hello World Pass

Dear Nick,

  We've figured out what is going on with your "Hello World" pass and have implemented a temporary solution.

  Basically, our build rules in Makefile.common built shared objects with the Solaris linker (via libtool). While it built the shared library, the library did not call C++ constructors of global variables. This, in turn, caused the pass registration to fail.

  Our temporary solution is to build shared objects directly with g++ (bypassing libtool). This gives the correct behavior.

  The modification is checked into our CVS tree in the prerelease-10 branch. It has only gotten limited testing, so it should be considered a temporary solution. To get the new Makefile.common, you can issue the following command:

  cvs update -r prerelease-10 Makefile.common

  Please let us know if you have any more problems with the Hello World pass.

-- John T.