Problem with precompiled Clang on Solaris (sparc)

I’ve got precompiled Clang from:

When try to run clang:
$clang -v clang-16: fatal: relocation error: file clang-16: symbol __cxa_atexit: referenced symbol not found

I found out that “__cxa_atexit” is feature of glibc. But there isn’t glibc for Solaris. At least when I try to configure glibc-2.37, I get:
configure: error:
*** The GNU C library is currently unavailable for this platform.

Can anybody help me?

Or may be clang for Solaris should be compiled with gcc without “–enable-__cxa_atexit” ? So a question comes here: how clang has been compiled with “__cxa_atexit”, while there isn’t libc on Solaris with support of it?

From ./configure gcc:
Define if you want to use __cxa_atexit, rather than atexit, to register C++ destructors for local statics and global objects. This is essential for fully standards-compliant handling of destructors, but requires __cxa_atexit in libc. This option is currently only available on systems with GNU libc. When enabled, this will cause -fuse-cxa-atexit to be passed by default.

libc by Solaris:
$ nm -D /lib/64/ | grep __cxa_atexit
not found

$ cat /etc/release
Oracle Solaris 11.3 SPARC
Copyright (c) 1983, 2018, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
Assembled 09 May 2018