Problemo: createTailDuplicationPass

Good morning!

After updating and recompiling my copy of the LLVM trunk I noticed
that the line "_passManager.add(llvm::createTailDuplicationPass());"
in my code fails with the following assertion:

Assertion failed: NormalCtor && "Cannot call createPass on PassInfo
without default ctor!", file
D:\Workspace\llvmtrunk\include\llvm/PassSupport.h, line 111

This behavior was introduced in revision 89904: Both,
lib/CodeGen/tailDuplication.cpp and lib/Transforms/TailDuplication.cpp
export a function with the signature
llvm::createTailDuplicationPass(). In my case the linker picks the
wrong one - the CodeGen version instead of the Transforms version -,
which causes the assertion.

Hope this helps,

I will rename it. Thanks for reporting the problem.