Problems applying patches with arcanist

arc patch D39903

Applied to a clang git repo is just hanging. I’ve tried upgrading arcanist but the problem persists.

I’m trying to apply someones patch and my normal workflow is now broken.

Does anyone have suggestions as to how I might proceed? Getting the commit message set up just-so relies on arcanist working.



Generally, you can manually apply the patch and write the commit message?

FWIW, arc patch D39903 works on my machine.

I think there were some recent changes to .arcconfig files in llvm and clang repos; have you tried syncing them to head? I’d also suggest trying reinstalling arcanist with a fresh clang repo.

You can run arc --trace patch D39903 to get more verbose output and see where arc is hanging.

Thanks all,

problem circumvented for now and I have the info needed to tackle it if it reoccurs.