problems found with make check on x86 darwin9

Hi Mike,

You wrote:

FAIL: /Volumes/mrs5/net/llvm/llvm/test/CFrontend/2007-09-20- GcrootAttribute.c
Failed with exit(1) at line 3 while running: /Volumes/mrs5/Packages/llvm-2/bin/llvm-gcc -emit-llvm - S -emit-llvm /Volumes/mrs5/net/llvm/llvm/test/CFrontend/2007-09-20- GcrootAttribute.c -o - | llvm-as
llvm-as: assembly parsed, but does not verify as correct!
Enclosing function does not specify a collector algorithm.
  call void @llvm.gcroot( i8** %tmp2, i8* null )
Broken module found, compilation terminated.

Please update llvm-gcc. This was fixed with r45447 (4.0) and r45448 (4.2).

— Gordon