Problems with LLVM and XCode 7.2.1 on my custom Backend

Hi all,

Ever since I upgraded my xcode to version 7.2.1, I have been struggling with slowness and bugs in my custom backend. The problem turns out to be very much more strange that I thought.
I can easily build LLVM with CMake to configure it to my own target, however, when I close the XCode app after opening for the first time, it won’t reopen (it keeps saying Loading and won’t open it). The main problem is that it will work with any other backend from the source tree, but my custom out-of-tree backend (i. e. Work properly in in-tree target, but not for out-of-tree like mine).
I believe it is some sort of incompatibility between XCode and something in LLVM, but I have no clue what might be.
I have installed other versions of Xcode (and also LLVM) and the problem persists.

Just to give more info. That is what I do to build my backend with cmake:

  • Update CMakeLists.txt in base directory.
  • Update LLVMBuild.txt in lib/Target Directory
  • Add my backend Folder to lib/Target (obviously)
  • Run CMake

Should I have done something else? Have anyone ever had this problem?
It used to work properly a while ago.

Thank you,