problems with llvmgcc

ok, I finished recompiling llvm, and when trying to use llvmgcc I get
the following error message:

as -o /var/tmp//ccIuGwwQ.o /var/tmp//ccZvtWKU.s
as: error opening '/var/tmp//ccIuGwwQ.o': file exists!
Use -f command line argument to force output

Okay, this is the problem. For some reason, it is trying to use the 'as'
in your path, which is the LLVM assembler. This is supposed to point to
the 'gccas' program with an explicit path. I'm not sure why the sparc C
frontend is misconfigured, here on the research machines I get this:

End of search list.
/home/vadve/lattner/cvs/gcc_install_sparc/bin/llvm-as -o test.o /var/tmp//ccUnJjqz.s

which definately IS using the explicit path to llvm-as (aka gccas). I'll
get in touch with Vikram to try to find the answer.