processor Intrisic handling question

hi all,
i have 2 intrinsics that i want to insert them into my C code.

def int_nema_lkp3:
GCCBuiltin<"__builtin_nema_lkp3">,Intrinsic<[llvm_v4f32_ty], [llvm_v4f32_ty,
llvm_v4f32_ty, llvm_v4f32_ty]>;

def int_nema_updt: GCCBuiltin<"__builtin_nema_updt">,Intrinsic<,

and the C sample code is

main {

float4 a,b,c,d;

d=__builtin_nema_lkp3(a,b,c); /// if have hit jump after

d= a*b+c;


return 0;

so i want the first intrinsic instruction to conditionally branch after the
second intrinsic instruction.

i have tried to do the same with with if - else code but this needs an extra
variable that i don't want to exist.

Should i do something like iterating the nodes to find where to jump??

Thanks in advance