project compile notes

The enclosed document is a digest of notes kept while working on getting a large code base previously compiling with gcc to compile with Clang. Many of these issues at some point have been posted as bugs, or asked about in the list, or are under development, but not all, especially if the work-around was easy. I make an attempt to summarize them in case it’s of interest to anyone, or in case the gcc-isms might spark further compatibility work. I’ve arranged them in the following categories:

  • Outstanding Issues – These are issues I think still need to be fixed.
  • GCC-isms/Project Issues – These are issues which are things that gcc accepted, but conflict with the standards, and thus were flagged by Clang.
  • Fixed Issues – These are issue that were encountered but were fixed, either by others or myself.
    Please let me know if there are any questions, or additional information is wanted, or you have suggestions. Thanks.



ProjectCompileIssues.doc (93 KB)