Proper values for LLVMCreateTargetMachine

I can’t seem to get LLVMCreateTargetMachine to work on my box (MBP i7 OS X 10.8). What should the values of triple, cpu and features be? I’m just looking for a way to get this up and going for now, I don’t need specific optimizations.

No matter what I send the function, I always get nil back. I’m giving it LLVMGetFirstTarget as the target value.

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Hi Timothy,

In this example either Host or NVPTX target machine is created and then used for code generation:

This example in turn was long ago studied from llc.cpp, I think.

So the basic idea is first to select triple, then create target for this triple, then create target machine from target, triple and extra target-specific options.

If you are compiling for native host, default triple would suffice:

Triple triple;

Hope it helps.

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2012/12/26 Timothy Baldridge <>