Proposal: A new category for GPU/Offloading

I would like to propose a new category or subcategory for GPU/Offloading.

We discussed this during the LLVM GPU WG meeting on Jan 14 (meeting notes) and concluded the community could benefit from the new category.

The rationale is that the current categories mostly mirror the mailing list organization and match the monorepo (sub)directories. For example, llvm and clang discussions are kept separate. However, as Artem explained: ‘There’s fair amount of overlap between various offloading mechanisms supported by clang and LLVM – CUDA/HIP/OpenMP/OpenCL and they also span multiple back-ends, so some sort of offloading-catch-all category may be useful. It does not have to be GPU-specific, though GPU would likely be kind of hardware we offload to most often at the moment.’


We could also change AMDGPU to just GPU and utilize tags to make things more fine grained. Does that work?

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This would be a little bit asymmetric to what we have for other targets (each has its own subcategory at the moment).

If we want to minimize the number of subcategories, perhaps we could create tags for each target and have GPU/Offloading as a subcategory in Code Generation?

My more general question would whether we should try to keep the number of (sub)categories doesn as much as possible or not. I don’t have experience with tags and am not sure what is more convenient to work with.

The current thinking was that more popular topics would be upgraded to categories. We may not have gotten it right on the first go around but it isn’t set in stone. Some maybe should be downgraded to tags. But we can always change this as we go. I would say we start with a tag and then if its needed, an upgrade to sub-category.

This sounds reasonable to me.

@jdoerfert @Artem-B @nhaehnle @JonChesterfield @arsenm @bader What do you think?

I have little experience with this. We can play around with tags and go from there. We’ll see where people are putting stuff over time. Again, no experience except an inbox and [TAG]s in subject lines :wink:

I would say we start with a tag and then if its needed, an upgrade to sub-category.


Speaking of tags/categories. Do they by any chance get added to email headers? Cramming everything into “Subj” would be rather noisy.

FYI: we now have a GPU tag: Topics tagged gpu.

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