Propose to use rest.vim for vimrc of LLVM

Hello list,

I use LLVM's vimrc and found that this setting below is useful when
editing of reStructuredText file.


" Enable syntax highlighting for reStructuredText files. To use, copy
" rest.vim (
" to ~/.vim/syntax .
augroup filetype
  au! BufRead,BufNewFile *.rst set filetype=rest
augroup END

Now LLVM and Clang use Sphinx so I believe this setting would be helpful.

More info about the rest.vim can be found the url above.

Do I need to file some kind of pull request? I haven't provided any
patches so far...


Thanks, Journeyer. I applied the patch with r176235.

In future, you can submit patches to the llvm-commits mailing list. :slight_smile:


Hi Bill Wendling,

Thank you very much.

Best regards