Proposed new GCC option --record-gcc-command-line

Copying the example from
Egeyar Bagcioglu - Re: [PATCH v2 0/3] Introduce a new GCC option, --record-gcc-command-line here

[egeyar@localhost save-commandline]$ g++ main.c
--record-gcc-command-line -frecord-gcc-switches

[egeyar@localhost save-commandline]$ readelf -p .GCC.command.line a.out

String dump of section '.GCC.command.line':

  [ 0] 10.0.0 20191025 (experimental) : g++ main.c
--record-gcc-command-line -frecord-gcc-switches

  [ 5c] -D_GNU_SOURCE
  [ 6a] main.c
  [ 71] -mtune=generic
  [ 80] -march=x86-64
  [ 8e] --record-gcc-command-line /tmp/ccgC4ZtS.cmdline

I know that we've already implemented -frecord-command-line and
-frecord-gcc-switches (⚙ D54489 Implement -frecord-command-line (-frecord-gcc-switches)). It looks like
we may have an opinion on the section name and probably also the
option name.

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