Proposition: 7.0 => 7 in library names


Context: I have been packaging the llvm toolchain for Debian & Ubuntu
and also providing these packages on
One of the goal is to have different versions co-installable. For that,
I am renaming the binaries and libraries.

Now, as we are not using the minor version (the Y in X.Y.Z), there isn't
much point in calling our tools foo-7.0 as we won't create a 7.1.
See LLVM's New Versioning Scheme - The LLVM Project Blog for
more information on this.

Proposition: Remove the .0 everywhere in lib name.

I have been publishing this change on top of the Debian/Ubuntu packages
for a couple of months now (basically since trunk became 7).
Packages are now called clang-7 instead of clang-6.0
I believe I have been able to rename all occurrences that I found and I
haven't seen anyone complaining (besides the few expected issues).

Patches are available here:

⚙ D41869 Rename llvm library from libLLVM-X.Y to libLLVM-X - LLVM
⚙ D41808 Rename clang link from clang-X.Y to clang-X - Clang

AFAIK, nothing is needed for lldb or lld.

This is also the path that gcc took (and Debian is doing the same from

Any comments or objections?


In light of the new versioning scheme, this looks very reasonable to me.

Hi Sylvestre,

Any hope for libc++ on (hoping not being too annoying)?

Best regards



To close the loop, both patches just landed: r328769 & r328768.

Please report bugs in case of regressions and cc me.