PSA: install-clang-headers is being renamed to install-clang-resource-headers

As discussed in, the existing install-clang-headers target, which installs clang’s resource directory headers, is being renamed to install-clang-resource-headers. implements this rename and adjusts all users of the target in the monorepo. After the rename is done, the install-clang-headers name will be reclaimed for a new target which installs clang’s API headers (corresponding to its libraries), which is consistent with LLVM’s install-llvm-headers target. Let me know if there are any concerns or objections.

I think there’s also a plain clang-headers target that copies the resource headers into the build dir. Don’t have an environment to check right now. Could that also be renamed, for consistency?


  • Kim

Yep, that one’s also being renamed to clang-resource-headers.