PSA: LLVM parallel-libs subproject is set up

The parallel-libs LLVM subproject is now set up and ready for code development. This is the subproject that is meant to house the StreamExecutor parallel runtime library, possibly the OpenMP target runtime libraries, and other libraries devoted to handling parallelism in LLVM (see the README currently checked into the parallel-libs base directory for the project charter).

The parallel-libs subproject now has a working git mirror and arcconfig file, so most development workflows should be supported.

The mailing lists are:

and all future discussions on the subproject will take place there. In particular, checking in of the StreamExecutor source code will be beginning there soon.

Hi Jason,

Congratulations with starting the project!

You have a subscriber to parallel_libs-dev! :wink:


Glad to have you on board Andrey! :slight_smile: