[PSA] MLIR visualizers for LLDB 16

Just sending a friendly PSA that we now have lldb visualizers for core MLIR constructs, something I know a lot of people have wanted in the past. This utilizes the new lldb callback feature, so these require at least lldb-16 (currently trunk). Below is an example debugger visualization (using VSCodes UI via CodeLLDB):

Feature requests, fixes, and such are welcome!

– River


This is great, thanks for implementing it!

For those of use less familiar with LLDB - any pointers how to enable/use it in command-line LLDB?


Very cool!

+1 on a small doc or tutorial on how to properly debug MLIR (both the compiler and the generated IR at some user-specified level of dialects).

Oh nice!! Now I don’t need to rely on dump to see contents of a basic block!

We have some printers for gdb as well, but they are not as evolved, if anyone wants to contribute there as well :slight_smile:

Use command script import path/to/code.py. Check out the first couple lines of the source file which show this command for reference.

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Wow! Thanks for adding this, River!