PSA: svn tree conflict

Hi all, several bots are currently experiencing an svn tree conflict when updating

Updating ‘.’:
Skipped ‘utils/lit/lit/llvm’ – Node remains in conflict
Skipped ‘utils/lit/lit/llvm’ – Node remains in conflict
U utils/lit/lit/
U utils/lit/lit/
U test/lit.cfg
U test/
U cmake/modules/AddLLVM.cmake
Updated to revision 313467.
Summary of conflicts:

If your bot has been failing all weekend, this is probably why.

Unfortunately i think the only fix is to log into the bot and delete the source tree so it checks out from scratch.

I’ve uploaded a patch to phabricator that would allow people to clobber source trees remotely, but galina needs to lgtm it and restart the master first, so it’s at least a few days out.

Sorry for the trouble