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Firstly, thanks for another great EuroLLVM conference! I asked a couple of questions at the Foundation BoF yesterday, so I’m following up here. As I noted there, I’m speaking entirely personally here rather than on behalf of my employer or any other organization.

Outside of trying to attend the Foundatiom BoFs at developer meetings when I can, the main visibility I have of what the LLVM Foundation is doing and what their main areas of focus are, is by reading the monthly board meeting minutes that get posted to . I noticed that these haven’t been updated since the September minutes were uploaded. Would it be possible for them to be updated more frequently please?

Also, it was previously stated that after the Foundation elections last year, the applications of the newly elected board members would be made public [ ]. Is this still the plan? I thought I may have just missed them, but it was confirmed at the BoF that they hadn’t yet been posted.

Thank you!


I'd like to echo this. Many, many thanks for all the work the
Foundation board and other contributors do for the community. As Greg
says, it would be great to increase visibility into this work through
the published board minutes. If a note can be sent to this mailing
list when new minutes are posted, I can be sure to include them in
LLVM Weekly where they may be picked up by a wider audience.