Public Google calendar for MLIR open meetings

Here is a calendar you can subscribe to in order to keep track of MLIR meeting. It replaces the previous invitation we had. We’ll try to be diligent about updating it every week!

Feel free to also suggest any improvement we could implement to the flow.
Finally, if you have built a tool with MLIR or just a prototype and wanna share/brainstorm with the wider community: this meeting is yours! Feel free to contact me to get you on the agenda.

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Thanks for organizing the MLIR open meetings, @mehdi_amini !

Would it make sense and be possible to integrate this calendar into the LLVM community calendar?

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Absolutely: is there a convenient way to include a calendar inside another one? I rather not do the work twice (knowing myself I’ll forget to update the second one half the time)

I’m afraid I didn’t find any convenient way to integrate one google calendar (or ICS calendar) inside a google calendar when I looked for that when I set up the LLVM community calendar.
However, a simple way to make sure your meeting series shows up on the LLVM community calendar is to just add to your meeting series invite/attendee list. Changes you make to individual events in a series will get updated automatically on the LLVM community calendar too that way.

If you do have many different event series or many individual events, indeed, you’d need to remember to add to the invite list for each one if you’d want them to show up on the LLVM community calendar.

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