[Publication] An abstract machine for network traffic analysis.

Last week we presented the paper below at the 2014 Internet
Measurement conference (IMC). The work leverages LLVM as the backend
for an abstract machine environment that's tailored to the domain of
network traffic analysis. I would appreciate if somebody could add the
paper to the publication list at http://llvm.org/pubs/.

There's also a home page for the project at http://www.icir.org/hilti.
It's in research prototype state currently, with the hope to
eventually head into production. :slight_smile:



Robin Sommer, Matthias Vallentin, Lorenzo De Carli, Vern Paxson
HILTI: An Abstract Execution Environment for Deep, Stateful Network Traffic Analysis
Proceedings of the ACM SIGCOMM Internet Measurement Conference, 2014

Dear Robin,

Thanks for sending us the information on your publication. I've added it to the Publications Page.


John Criswell