Publication and project for inclusion?

Hi all,

I wrote a partial evaluator / specialiser for LLVM back in 2014 as part of my PhD thesis, which I just got done bringing up to scratch for release, bringing up to date with the latest LLVM release, etc. I wonder if it would be possible to link the thesis under /pubs and/or the project under /ProjectsWithLLVM?

Publication (MLA style): Smowton, Christopher SF. "I/O Optimisation and elimination via partial evaluation." University of Cambridge, Computer Laboratory, Technical Report UCAM-CL-TR-865 (2014).

Publication address:

Short project summary: LLPE is a partial evaluator for LLVM bitcode. It is suitable for specialising programs written in C, C++, FORTRAN, or any other language that can be compiled to LLVM intermediate representation. Specialisation can used to pare un-needed code from general programs, or to introduce staging to existing programs without manual modification. LLPE is designed to specialise aggressively with minimal manual input.

Project website:

Thanks in advance if it is possible to include these!


A year later, no sign of this on -- is it inappropriate, or was the previous message just overlooked?

I think it was overlooked. I've added it and it should be on now.