Publication at ICFEM 2014

Hi everyone,

I would like the following publication to appear on the LLVM website.
It would be great if somebody could add the paper to

Below, the reference:
A Formula-Based Approach for Automatic Fault Localization of Imperative Programs.
Si-Mohamed Lamraoui and Shin Nakajima.
Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods (ICFEM '14). November, 2014.

Thank you,
Si-Mohamed Lamraoui

This is done.

I haven't taken a look at your paper (I'm at home and can't access Springer content at the moment), but are you aware of the invariant-based software fault localization that Swarup Sahoo developed? You might find it interesting. Our paper is at, and (of course) it uses LLVM.


John Criswell