Publication & Project: Verificarlo: checking floating point accuracy through Monte Carlo Arithmetic


We have recently published a paper on floating point accuracy analysis
through Monte Carlo Arithmetic. We also released the open-source tool
Verificarlo (GitHub - verificarlo/verificarlo: A tool for debugging and assessing floating point precision and reproducibility.) that relies on
LLVM for instrumenting floating point operations.

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Verificarlo: checking floating point accuracy through Monte Carlo
Arithmetic. Christophe Denis, Pablo de Oliveira Castro, and Eric Petit.
23rd IEEE International Symposium on Computer Arithmetic (ARITH), July

The preprint is available online at

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Verificarlo: A tool for automatic Montecarlo Arithmetic analysis.

Verificarlo is an LLVM based tool to automatically use the Monte Carlo
arithmetic in place of IEEE-754 floating point arithmetic. Verificarlo
instruments floating operations point at the LLVM Intermediate
Representation level replacing all floating point operations by their
Monte Carlo Arithmetic counterpart. It forces the results of floating
point operations to behave like random variables turning executions of a
program into trials of a Monte Carlo simulation and allowing statistics
on the effects of rounding error to be obtained over a number of
executions. In particular, Verificarlo tracks rounding and catastrophic
cancellation errors at a given virtual precision.



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