Publication: "SMACK: Decoupling Source Language Details from Verifier Implementations"


So, SMACK is a software verifier based around LLVM, and you can find
more info (PDF, title, abstract) about our recent publication here:

I would appreciate if you could add it to your list of LLVM-based publications.


-- Zvonimir

I will add it, but I am away from the office most of this week and was not allowed to bring a laptop with me :). Please ping me if it's not done by close of business Friday this week.

John Criswell

Dear Zvonimir,

This is done. However, if you know how to get the accent over the last letter in your name, please let me know. I don't know how to convince HTML to do that.

BTW, it's nice to see an LLVM to Boogie translator, and thanks for open-sourcing it. I suspect SMACK will be a useful tool.


John Criswell

Thanks for taking care of this John and don't worry about my last
name. I use 'c' all the time :).

Yup, SMACK is gaining some traction, which is great...

-- Zvonimir