Publications: Harmony and ParaShares

Hi everyone,

I recently presented a paper at Euro-Par 2014 that features a tool called Harmony, which my co-authors and I built on top of LLVM and clang. Could someone please add it to along with our original Harmony paper from 2012 which never made the publication list?

M. Kambadur, K. Tang, M. A. Kim. ParaShares: Finding the Important Basic Blocks in Multithreaded Programs. In the International European Conference on Parallel Processing (Euro-Par), August 2014.

M. Kambadur, K. Tang, M. A. Kim. Harmony: Collection and Analysis of Parallel Block Vectors. In the International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA), June 2012. Top Picks in Computer Architecture Selection.

For those interested, Harmony is an open source tool (built as an LLVM pass) that creates a new kind of application profile called Parallel Block Vectors, or PBVs. PBVs track dynamic program parallelism at basic block granularity to expose opportunities for improving hardware design and software performance. Please visit to learn more and download the tool.

Thank you!

Melanie Kambadur

Dear Melanie,

Thanks for sharing your publications. I've added them to the LLVM Publications page.

If you notice any errors, please let me know.


John Criswell