purpose of ProcessGDBRemote::m_flags


I have questions about ProcessGDBRemote::m_flags member. Seems like it is never used. What is the purpose of it and what is the reason to do accessors protected, even constant getter? And other question: isn’t it better to move this member to new plugin Architecture to be able to store dynamic architecture features (read from target’s configuration registers, for example)?

If it's not used, we should just remove it.

Once we have a use case for something like that, we can consider
whether the Architecture plugin would be the proper place for it.

If this isn't used, then this should be removed. Anything dynamic settings that are retrieved need to be abstracted into this class. There isn't a need for an extra plug-in as ProcessGDBRemote handles all variants of GDB remote servers and it should encapsulate all that is needed to use any GDB server.

Sorry, I was unclear – I mean existing recently added plugin “Architecture”. And “dynamic” configuration is not necessary retrieved from gdb-server.

gone in r317377