Purpose of this list

Hi all,

It would be good to have a list of topics that are on/off for this
list, as I really didn't get the idea right.

A few things I imagine _could_ be on topic:

* Discussions about the US and Euro LLVM meetings' _organization_? We
currently use CC for all people, and that definitely doesn't scale.
The llvm-devmeeting would probably remain as announcements? Or maybe
that'd be better as a separate list?

* Infrastructure plans? We already have llvm-admin@ for problems and
requests, but this list could be used for more mid/long term planning
(not big discussions, final decisions)? Seems like Tanya agree.

* Inclusion initiatives? We don't have a proper channel for that yet,
but I wouldn't see an add for a "women in tech" conference or
initiative in this list as spam or even off topic. I think this is the
right channel...

As both Chris and Tanya suggested, more critical discussions
(policies, tools) should take place in the main lists, but there is
one issue with that (and this is really just an innocent proposal):

People complained about threads like the code of conduct, commit
message policy, and others that are important to the project, but not
to all developers. They found that they are very disruptive, and that
we could keep it in a separate place. But important discussions cannot
happen on a side list, so maybe, we could reach a middle-ground...

What if we kept those discussions here, but sent a few warning
messages to the main lists, that the discussion was happening,
throughout the development of the discussion?

Example: on the code of conduct, a warning call that, all interested
in discussing should subscribe to this list.

Then, as we reach milestones, summary emails could be sent out. We
probably only had one milestone, so not much spam, but a short summary
can attract people if they feel we diverged too much.

In the end, no decision is taken unless people agree on the main
lists. The final call for decision has to include the archived threads
of all discussions, and a short list of recommendations, so people
that weren't included can still take an informed decision.

Overall, three well written emails to the main lists, while 100s of
emails (some flames) were all kept away from the core purpose of the
community, which is to produce software. :slight_smile:

Of course, the final email can side-track and a whole new discussion
start again, but if we manage to keep most of it in a separate list,
still with visibility to the main lists, it's a positive change,



PS: To avoid misunderstandings, this is a request for comment, and
some opinions to support my request.
PS2: I'm opening a new thread as to not hijack the other.

I’m not sure what the right answer is. I say just post what you wish here and we can decide if it needs a different or larger audience (or when). I just created it as a place to discuss LLVM foundation and anything related to it. Most of the topics below would fit into that category.


Right, I agree with Tanya that most of the topics you mentioned seem on topic for this list. The only thing I’d disagree with is the concern about “distracting” llvm-dev and other lists with noisy discussions. Those discussions will be noisy wherever they go, and I think it is important to be as inclusive as possible there.


That’s ok. I was just voicing some of the concerns I heard. I can easily mute a thread on Gmail, so that wasn’t such a big deal for me.

I guess the easiest is to do what Tanya said… See how it goes. :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks Renato!