Push work-in-progress plugin for Process NetBSD?

I keep locally almost 5k lines of code of the process plugin for NetBSD.

It's still not functional (there are bugs), but it has all or mostly all
of the code needed for amd64. Is it fine to push it upstream and
continue development against the version in-tree?

My code is based on FreeBSD with removed unsupported features, missing
in the current version of NetBSD.

It will be easier for me to keep it in sync with HEAD and should be
usable for other teams to take it into account in further changes.

I think it’s fine, but I’ll let others comment on that too.

But i will say, if you do this, please make sure it’s clang-formatted.

Provided it builds everywhere and you are planning on continuing to work on it, I see no problems with putting this into the lldb tree. If there are any parts that touch common code, you might want to submit those first (in appropriate chunks) so that the people who are going to review it can see the parts that touch their areas more clearly, then add in the independent code when the groundwork is settled.