Pushing four recent patches

I would like to push these four patches. Ample opportunity for review has been given.

  1. cmake_get_arch_v2.patch – Returns the architecture by probing predefined compiler macros.

  2. aarch64_port_v4.patch – aarch64 port sent by C. Bergström.

  3. hier_barrier_fix.patch – This small patch has a couple small fixes to the hierarchical barrier, predominately used on the Intel® MIC Architecture, in the context of teams and infinite blocktime. The value of 0 for nesting level is used in the parallel region that consists of the team masters, and hierarchical barrier did not take that into consideration.

  4. balanced_affinity.patch – This patch enables the use of KMP_AFFINITY=balanced on non-MIC Architectures. The restriction for using balanced affinity on non-MIC architectures is it only works for one-package machines. It removes the KMP_MIC macro around balanced affinity code.

To apply patches:

$ patch –p0 < cmake_get_arch_v2.patch

$ patch –p1 < aarch64_port_v4.patch

$ patch –p0 < hier_barrier_fix.patch

$ patch –p0 < balanced_affinity.patch

  • aarch64_port_v4.patch is built off of cmake_get_arch_v2.patch.

– Johnny

cmake_get_arch_v2.patch (6.53 KB)

aarch64_port_v4.patch (37.9 KB)

hier_barrier_fix.patch (1.19 KB)

balanced_affinity.patch (8.72 KB)

Please commit - Thanks


Committed, revisions 225789, 225792, 225793, 225794.

  • Andrey