Put ToolInvoker Output Into a String

Hello! First post here, though this was originally posted in llvm-dev

So I am running clang programmatically using clang::tooling::ToolInvocation, however I don’t want anything to touch the disk. I am able to read from a virtual file using clang::tooling::ToolInvocation::mapVirtualFile , however I dont know how to output to a virtual file or just to an std::string or char* , I tried passing -o out.S -ivfsoverlay out.S but it still writes to disk and as far as I can tell does not write to the memory I created.

If this isn’t the right place for this post or if I need to clarify something please let me know!

Thank you

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P.s Can this be done with the more accomplished stable, minimal, C Clang API?

Done or accomplished*

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