Python Backend


I have a version of the old CBackend which is working with the current

I am in the progress of rewriting it into a new version but that project
is not going as fast as I would hope as I have been distracted by other
tasks with higher priority lately.

Anyway, for those interested, I can provide patches, optionally
separated into several parts (core, testing, misc).

I am afraid that the main patch is larger than the LLVM mailing lists
allows me to send over the list directly


I’m very interested in this patch. Could you, Roel, upload it somewhere or maybe put your code to github or something simmilar?

Additional - you’re fixing it - could you please provide a little more information - what should I read to get more informations about writing not hardware but software backend in LLVM? (Of course the code analysis is one way, but maybe there is other also).

2012/11/21 Roel Jordans <>

I've sent my earlier ideas to the list. That post should give a good idea on the things I am considering:

For a patch set, check the following message: