Python scripts PEP8 compliance proposal

LLVM and Clang have many really helpful scripts written in Python, but after looking at them I figured out there is no uniform Python Coding Style across the project, which would keep them consistent.

Some of the scripts [see scan-view script] use deprecated optparse Python module, some of them [see] have been written using its replacement (argparse). pep8 code style checking tool is complaining a lot for many scripts in the project.

I am not really experienced Python coder myself and the project is mainly written in C++, but I still think that following some widely used Python Code Style is a great idea. PEP8 compliance seems like a great idea to me as it is considered to be a good practice in Python projects.

I'd like to convert existing Python code in the project to be PEP8 compliant and clean up deprecated modules usage. You can see a sample patch for scan-view script here: (up for a review).

Would such contribution benefit the community? Is there any chance that running pep8 checks on the Python scripts in the code as part of unit testing or just while commiting new Python code would be considered as an option?