Query: Association of SchecWriteRes to instruction via InstRW records

Hello Team,
I have the following question relate to how to associate multiple SchedWriteRes with the same schedule model to a particular instruction.

For AArch64 target, at line , we have

def KryoWrite_3cyc_XY_noRSV_163ln :
SchedWriteRes<[KryoUnitXY]> {
let Latency = 3; let NumMicroOps = 2;}

def : InstRW<[KryoWrite_3cyc_XY_noRSV_163ln],
(instregex “(S|U)QXTU?N(v16i8|v8i16|v4i32|v8i8|v4i16|v2i32)”)>;

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Similarly, at line,

def KryoWrite_1cyc_XY_noRSV_215ln :
SchedWriteRes<[KryoUnitXY]> {
let Latency = 1; let NumMicroOps = 2;
def : InstRW<[KryoWrite_1cyc_XY_noRSV_215ln],
(instregex “XTNv.*”)>;

Both the InstRW records can match instruction SQXTNv16i8 and both have SchedModel == KryoModel (because of this).
However, the corresponding SchedWriteRes’es have different latencies. I am not sure which one of the two SchedWriteRes are going to be applied for the matched instruction.

Another similar situation: There are other cases like in lines here and here

def KryoWrite_1cyc_LS_Y_XY_305ln :
SchedWriteRes<[KryoUnitLS, KryoUnitY, KryoUnitXY]> {
let Latency = 1; let NumMicroOps = 3;
def : InstRW<[WriteAdr, KryoWrite_1cyc_LS_Y_XY_305ln],
(instregex “ST1(One(v16b|v8h|v4s|v2d)|Two(v8b|v4h|v2s|v1d))_POST$”)>;

def KryoWrite_1cyc_LS_Y_X_301ln :
SchedWriteRes<[KryoUnitLS, KryoUnitY, KryoUnitX]> {
let Latency = 1; let NumMicroOps = 3;
def : InstRW<[WriteAdr, KryoWrite_1cyc_LS_Y_X_301ln],
(instregex “ST1(One(v8b|v4h|v2s|v1d|v16b|v8h|v4s|v2d)|(i8|i16|i32|i64)|Two(v8b|v4h|v2s|v1d))_POST$”)>;

Both match ST1Twov2s_POST both have SchedModel == KryoModel, but the corresponding SchedSriteRes have different proc resources. Again, not sure which one to consider for the matched instruction.

Hi Sandeep,