Question about custom Clang static analyzer checker registration in clang-tidy without using plugin

For the George's question on how we did it for clang-tidy. We make use of ClangTidyModuleRegistry: clang-tools-extra/ClangTidyModuleRegistry.h at master · llvm-mirror/clang-tools-extra · GitHub
Basically we have a separate static library that registers our internal clang-tidy checkers with ClangTidyModuleRegistry (which essentially creates a global variable whose constructor does the registration work). In this way we can simply modify our build rules to link clang-tidy with this library, without modifying the clang source tree.

For Artem's remarks, since there are a bunch of places in Clang that make use the register mechanism, can we say #2 might not be super against Clang's coding style/conventions, if we use the Clang builtin registration mechanism? I feel this is the best solution from our side. We can use the same mechanism that is used for clang-tidy to register checkers for CSA, without modifying the Clang source tree.

For approach #1, there are two things that needs to be solved before we can go with this approach. First is how to pass in additional checkers (or checker factories) without breaking existing API. By saying existing API I mean ento::CreateAnalysisConsumer, ClangTidyASTConsumerFactory, runClangTidy, etc. Second, even if we come up with some API that allows passing in checkers, we can't do it without modifying Clang source tree. We still need to modify clang-tidy source files to actually pass in our custom checkers.

For approach #3, I agree this is not the best approach and it doesn't work on all platforms.

What do you think?