Question about: How to configure coretly the VSC and launch.json for clang?


I put post on

How to configure correctly the VSC and launch.json for clang?

There is other post that not solving problem - there is info about as DEPRECATED, so I’m not sure - which is actual

Due the unclear situation

The extension is published under llvm-vs-code-extensions account, which is currently maintained by clangd developers. If you want to make a new release, please contact



+via clangd-dev

BTW, we are working on a vscode extension in CDT that will help manage clangd and the compile_commands.json files for various style of projects, with particular focus on gcc cross compilation for embedded targets. Hopefully that will make things easier when it’s ready. Early days tho.


If i understand right, you’re asking about using VSCode to build your project using clang and possibly run it.

I’m not a vscode user myself so i can’t really advise. However you should know that clangd is not the same as clang: it’s for editing (code completion, diagnostics, go-to-definition etc) but doesn’t build/run.
That’s why the questions/addons you linked don’t seem relevant, they’re for clangd rather than clang.

Sorry if this is confusing.

To build/run, you may want a plug-in that integrates with your build system (cmake etc) rather than clang itself.