question about LNT testing - broadwell

I’ve been trying to commit a clang patch to correct floating point settings on the cc1 command line.

However, when I commit, the tests fail some 21 floating point tests in LNT. Also there is both performance improvement as well as regression which shouldn’t happen because the sum total of my clang patch + my LNT patch should effectively be a no-op.

It appears that the correction I made to LNT is not effective, but I’ve tested the patch on my Linux box and it does work. My patch unconditionally overrides the command line to restore the original LNT behavior. I verified the commit revision to LNT and the bot is running my patched version of LNT. It looks like the bot is using a different rule to build the test cases.

It’s hard to see exactly what the bot is doing, there isn’t enough information. It would be nice if the Makefile was built with ‘verbose’ so I could see all the compile commands that the bot is using.

One of the run failures is here:

I can see the bot owner is Yin Yang, cc’d here.

Thanks for any tips! --Melanie Blower