Question about non-UTF-8 filesystems


it seems that e.g. on Windows, where the filename encoding is not UTF-8, it is impossible
to use any filenames containing e.g. german umlauts or chinese characters, because
the in LLVM used encoding collides with the encoding used by the OS.

There is a open bug for this

It seems there were patches submitted to fix it, but they were never applied as some more
generic rewrite of the file handling subsystem was in the works.

Is that still the case or is there a chance that the old patches could be revived and

For any user on Windows with e.g. a german umlaut in the username, this is a serious issue,
as most file handling in the c:\users\<name> directory won't work.


The transition to the new path library is completed. Do you still have
issues with current trunk?