Question about Prolog/Epilog Code Insertion

Hi All,

When seeing the title “Prolog/Epilog Code Insertion”, I’d expect something about XXXFrameLowering.cpp
(particular about emitPrologue/emitEpilogue). But the document [1] is about unwind. Is it placed at the right




Please note the very beginning of the document: "Warning: This is a work in progress."

This section is at the right place, but indeed it only seems to be talking about one (minor) aspect of it which is the compact unwind info (which is only relevant for apple platforms I think).
Unforunately there seems to be no general description yet about the passes tasks and how it is achieving them, I think at the moment it's best to read the sourcecode instead of the the CodeGenerator document...

- Matthias

I see, thanks.