Question about RecursiveASTVisitor behavior on lvalue UnaryOperator


I have the following fragment of C code:

*–dst = *–src;

When I try to call my RecursiveASTVisitor on the LHS Expr (i.e. the *–dst part), the default TraverseStmt behavior seems to skip over the prefix decrement --.

When I do a Stmt->dump() on the whole LHS Expr, I get:

UnaryOperator 0x7ff4e38975d8 ‘char’ lvalue prefix ‘*’
-UnaryOperator 0x7ff4e38975b8 'char *' prefix '--' -DeclRefExpr 0x7ff4e3897590 ‘char *’ lvalue Var 0x7ff4e3883920 ‘dst’ ‘char *’

But when I actually call TraverseStmt() on the top-level LHS Expr above, after processing the first UnaryOperator (the one for the derefence, *), the next call to TraverseStmt() immediately returns only the DeclRefExpr.

My TraverseStmt(Stmt *S) contains only:
bool TraverseStmt (Stmt *S) {

return this->RecursiveASTVisitor::TraverseStmt(S);

Does anybody know what TraverseStmt’s default behavior in RecursiveASTVisitor is doing, and why it seems to jumping over the prefix – node in the AST during the AST traversal?