Question about submitting a patch

Hello Clang Community,

First of all I want to say ‘Hello’ to everyone - I’m new to the clang dev community.

I’ve a quick question. I’ve prepared small patch/proposal for change to the clang-format. I would like to introduce it to you and collect feedback, review, reject etc. from you. But at this point I’m quite confused because AFAK there are two ways to submit a patch:

I’ve sent both - a mail with patch in the attachment and tried to submit review (I don’t know how it shall be called on this site).
Since there was no response regarding my mail and, I think, I didn’t submit the review properly, I decided to write this mail before I’ll try to submit my path one more time.
Of course, I don’t consider myself as some kind of VIP and demanding immediately response is the last thing that would come to my mind, but I’ve been waiting for almost two weeks and that’s why I’m writing this mail.

And finally the question I would like to ask: Which way is The Way to submit patch? Mailing list or reviews site? If it is the mailing list - should I just wait for the response? Or write the mail one more time?

Kind Regards,


(1) Definitely use phabricator for reviews!
(2) Because you should be adding cfe-commits as subscriber on Phabricator, it automatically duplicates the message to cfe-commits.
(3) Add the right people as reviewers - find some in git blame around your code or in CODE_OWNERS.TXT.
(4) It's ok to ping your review (by saying "ping" in the comments) around once a week.