Question on C++ code completion - function parameter list


Using c-index-test.exe I’m learning clang code completion for C++.

I have an issue to get the current parameter list of a C++ function. While it works for a C function, I get nothing which can be evaluated in case of C++ function.

I use the following command line:

“c-index-test -code-completion-at=x.cpp:9:10 -x c++ -fsyntax-only -x.cpp”


  • “9:10” is the line:column number just after the parenthesis behind the function name.

If the function is a C function, “c-index-test” returns a function parameter list for the function with the node ‘CurrentParameter’ which is important for code completion:

NotImplemented:{ResultType int}{Text geti}{LeftParen (}{CurrentParameter int i}{Comma , }{Text char c}{RightParen )} (1)

But if I use the same command line asking for the C++ function parameter list, the expected result is not returned.

Hereafter is the source code x.cpp:

int geti(int i, char c) { return 1; } // C function

class myclass {


myclass() {}

~myclass() {}

int func(int i, char c) { return 1; }

void test() {

func(//line and column number for code completion here, after the parenthesis



Could you please tell me, whether the command line to retrieve the parameter list for the C++ function differs from that in C? And, which command line would be appropriate?

Thanks for any answer and tips.


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