Question on test cases for direct object generation

Is there an official llvm method of creating and submitting test cases that don’t affect .s assembly files?

When we check in changes that can affect the .s output we submit .ll files with the internalized semicolon instructions on how to check the output .s file.

For direct output we currently add to our own test suites that check for correctness. Does the llvm community depend on the individual target owners to do this testing or is there a mechanism for a centralized test?



See test/MC/ELF/ in the LLVM tree.


Also test/MC/MachO.

Note that target-specific tests should go into a named target directory underneath (e.g., test/MC/MachO/ARM for ARM tests relying on MachO object file emission).


Thanks for the pointers. I will check out the examples and try a first pass at a Mips test.