Question to LLVM Discord: Why cannot see any channels other than code-of-conduct

Hello, I’m curious why can’t I see any contents in other channels except for code-of-conduct? Even I have the link to it, e.g.: Discord
BTW, I still be available in next 15 mintues, you can use the video chart here

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There’s a box you need to click in the message in that channel :

By participating in this community, you agree to follow the :llvm_dragon: LLVM Community Code of Conduct, as linked below and copied above. Please click the :white_check_mark: below to acknowledge and gain access to the channels.

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OMG, silly me!! First time in using Discord. The problem confused me for more than one year!

I have a similar issue, but it seems that the checkbox is broken for me: 01/08/2022 21:03
Gave up trying to execute custom command #1 after 1 minute because there is already one or more instances of it being executed.

We are aware of the issue and will get this fixed soon. Unfortunately things are a little delayed due to people on holiday break.

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