Hello all,

I have implemented my code in llvmlite which is partly like the following:

for stmt in irsb.statements:
if isinstance(stmt, pyvex.IRStmt.IMark):
print “------ IMark(0x%x, %d, %d) ------” % (stmt.addr, stmt.len,
if isinstance(stmt, pyvex.IRStmt.Put):
#if isinstance(, pyvex.IRExpr.Const):
if isinstance(, pyvex.IRExpr.RdTmp):
irbuilder.store_reg(ll.Constant(ll.IntType(64),, ll.IntType(64), stmt.offset )
if isinstance(stmt, pyvex.IRStmt.WrTmp):
expr = stmt.expressions[0]
mehran = stmt.tmp
if isinstance(expr, pyvex.IRExpr.Get):
#mehran, expr.offset, expr.t
irbuilder.store_reg(ll.Constant(ll.IntType(64), expr.offset), ll.IntType(64),
elif isinstance(expr, pyvex.IRExpr.Load):
irbuilder.store_reg(ll.Constant(ll.IntType(64), stmt.tmp), ll.IntType(64), expr.addr)
elif isinstance(stmt, pyvex.IRStmt.Store):
irbuilder.store_reg(ll.Constant(ll.IntType(64), stmt.addr), ll.IntType(64),

int_type = ll.IntType(64);
ret = irbuilder.ret(ll.Constant(int_type, 1))

llvm_module = llvm.parse_assembly(str(module))
tm = llvm.Target.from_default_triple().create_target_machine()

with llvm.create_mcjit_compiler(llvm_module, tm) as ee:
cfptr = ee.get_pointer_to_function(llvm_module.get_function(‘read_amd64’))
cfunc = CFUNCTYPE(c_void)(cfptr)
res = cfunc(42)

when running it in by python, I get an error like the following:

File “”, line 100, in
llvm_module = llvm.parse_assembly(str(module))
File “/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/llvmlite/binding/”, line 22, in parse_assembly
raise RuntimeError(“LLVM IR parsing error\n{0}”.format(errmsg))
RuntimeError: LLVM IR parsing error
:13:6: error: expected value token
(i64 t3)

Does anyone know how can I resolve it?