questions about backport to 3.8/3.9/4.0


I want to backport the following three patches (currently in trunk 5.0)
to 3.8/3.9/4.0:

Some BPF users want them since their product needs to work on
old linux distribution which has older versions of LLVM.

Could somebody (maybe Tom Stellard or others) help clarify whether it
is possible and what is the procedure/timeline for backporting?



I have no experience on backporting. However, the patches you want
only involves BPF backend itself,
I don't see any particular trouble of backporting. I would suggest you
start working on the latest LLVM
release, i.e., 4.0, then run the testsuite to make sure there is no regression.


Thanks. That is good suggestion. I will start to work on 4.0 now.
It would be good to know the 4.0.x patch release schedule and how to

I found this email containing backporting timeline for 4.0.1 (already done):

From email, it is not clear to me whether we have upcoming

4.0.2 or not.



I think we generally don't plan for .2 releases unless some
particularly nasty bug shows up.

+Tom fyi,

Thanks for the information. I will communicate with BPF users who want
backport based on this expectation.