Questions about Clang Static Analyzer


I see you are working on Clang Static Analyzer(CSA) a lot: active
commiter, active in mailing list, etc. So I think you are the right
person who can answer my questions about Clang Static Analyzer.

So my questions are:
1) Which company or companies is/are responsible for Clang Static
Analyzer development? I see a lot of specific checkers for Apple-related
stuff (also you work in Apple Inc.) => Apple is the most active company
in CSA development process?

2) Why CSA has so unfriendly CLI? I thought CSA should be something like
PVS-Studio - not simple set of scripts (I mean here
scan-build/scan-view) - but something more friendly. Why not? Backward
compatibility, lack of resources, anything else?

3) I don't see any very-very active development of CSA - why? Lack of
open source contributors?

4) Is there any roadmap of CSA? Any public available roadmap? I am very
interested to see CSA as first production ready free open-source static
analyzer for C++ (Cppcheck unfortunately isn't ready :frowning: )

Thank you :slight_smile:

P.S. I think we can switch to russian (it will be a little bit simpler
at least for me) if you don't mind.

Sorry - wrong thread. Do not pay attention to my inadvertence

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