Questions about getGEPCost()

Hi Jingyue,

When I look at the cost model of GEP for the following IR on AArch64, I have a question about getGEPCost() that you implemented in 2015.

%“class.boost::array.16” = type { [24 x i32] }

%arrayidx.i17 = getelementptr inbounds %“class.boost::array.16”, %“class.boost::array.16”* %moves, i64 0, i32 0, i64 %conv7

store i32 %add, i32* %arrayidx.i17, align 4, !tbaa !18

GEP can be folded into the Store and the assembly is simple as

str w24, [x20, x8, lsl #2]

But the cost model says the GEP cannot be folded.

getGEPCost() calls isLegalAddressingMode() in the following way to check the GEP can be folded or not

static_cast<T *>(this)->isLegalAddressingMode(

PointerType::get(*GTI, AS), const_cast<GlobalValue *>(BaseGV),

BaseOffset, HasBaseReg, Scale, AS)

It seems to me that the first argument should be ***GTI, rather than PointerType::get(***GTI, AS). In my example, *GTI is i32 and **PointerType::get(**GTI, AS) is i32. The current implementation fails the last check of AArch64TargetLowering::isLegalAddressingMode() which is

AM.Scale > 0 && (uint64_t)AM.Scale == NumBytes

Because AM.Scale = 4 and NumBytes = 8

I checked the implementation of isLegalAddressingMode() in several different backends and several other passes (LoopStrengthReduce and CodeGenPrepare) that call isLegalAddressingMode(). It seems my understanding is correct. Would you please take a look at this?

A simplified test case can be


%“class.boost::array.16” = type { [24 x i32] }

define void @test_geps(%“class.boost::array.16”* %moves, i64 %conv7) {

%arrayidx.i17 = getelementptr inbounds %“class.boost::array.16”, %“class.boost::array.16”* %moves, i64 0, i32 0, i64 %conv7

ret void


Just run it with following command and the cost of GEP should be 0.

opt -cost-model -analyze -mtriple=aarch64-gnu-linux gep.ll

Thank you in advance,

Haicheng Wu

Employee of Qualcomm Datacenter Technologies, Inc.

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