Questions from beginner

Hello list
i have few small questions about clang hope you could help

  1. can clang get input in memory c++ code and compile it to executable ? , i know it can load c++ file
    but i like to be able to dynamically build the source file ,
    if not is there any other way to build logic in memory and then compile it ?

  2. i like to work with c++ source code that is compiled to executable also
    i like to link static lib’s to the source code ,
    for example :
    build curl simple client . so the client will be build in memory and then it will be linked to
    i dont what to be dependent on Visual studio linker . what should i do ?

Thanks for your help

  1. I think that passing a dash as the filename will get clang to read from the standard input, you’ll also have to specify the language with -x.

clang -x c++ -

  1. Driver forwards all -l flags to the linker but you do have to have a linker (be it Visual Studio, mingw or something else).

clang -lcUrl.lib

you mean i cant use clang API , i do need to make it via CMD call ?
about the linker this is very sad , i need it to be with free ( none GPL ) linker , i think mingw is GPL .
is there any alternatives to none GPL linker ?

What exactly are you trying to do? Compiling code into executable file sounded like you wanted to use clang as a compiler. As far as the linker goes, clang can use Visual Studio’s link.exe but I’m not sure if this combo is production ready…

Well i what simple to create desktop application that creates small executable ( multimedia files ) .
i was looking for solution to compile from code . then i found clang.
this application will not be open source and i will like to sell it in some point .