Quick Build Stats For --enable-targets= option


I did a quick build timing with the command "time make -j 2 tools-only"
for both the --enable-targets=host-only and --enable-targets=all
configuration options. Here's what I got:

For "host-only":
real 7m17.310s
user 12m33.122s
sys 1m17.614s

For "all":
real 9m47.958s
user 16m38.613s
sys 1m38.140s

So, its a 2 minute and 30 second savings or 26% time savings.

The debug version of the llc executable is quite a bit smaller too:

host-only: 51.6Mbytes
all: 83.0MBytes

Just thought you'd like to know what the net result of the
--enable-targets option was.